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Upcoming Workshops

Day in the Field Photography Workshop

Longwood Gardens
Date: April 24, 2016 (9:00 AM to 1:30 PM)

Workshop Fee: $70 (Entry fee to Longwood Gardens and lunch are not included)

For more details and to register please contact us via Contact page. 
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The photography workshop will concentrate on creative and technical skill enhancement. During the day, we will combine discussions and hands-on practice. After a brief orientation the attendees will receive a list of assigned topics to work on during the morning and afternoon sessions. The topics will include specific subjects and also the use of various techniques (e.g., selective focus, special compositions, abstraction). Throughout the day, the instructor will work with each participant to address personal learning objectives, discuss challenges with the assignments, provide feedback on the work, and answer questions.

The morning will be dedicated to enhancing your ability to pre-visualize and create art. We will concentrate on identifying interesting subjects and working with the main subject, the supporting elements, and composition, focus, and tones to create strong images. Our goal will be to create unique images with the flowers and other displays in Longwood Gardens, rather than take snapshots of the subjects.

A lunch break in the restaurant will give the participants the opportunity to purchase food, share what worked and what challenges they experienced, and ask questions.

The afternoon will be focused on enhancing the technical skills; taking advantage and handling the limitations of available light; understanding qualities of front, side, back, soft, harsh, and multiple sources of light; working with flash; controlling depth of field creatively; and improving the quality of the pictures.

The attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and get help on topics, such as:

  • Camera handling techniques
  • Image formats and working with raw images
  • Exposure control
  • Depth of field
  • Understanding and using histograms
  • ISO
  • White balance
  • Composition and lens choices
  • Close-up photography
  • Composition rules and breaking the rules

The workshop will benefit individuals from beginners to advanced amateurs. Attendees may use digital SLR or point-and-shoot cameras. Film cameras may be used, but in-the-field review of the captured images will not be possible.




















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