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Whether you are an aspiring photographer or want to improve your photography and creative seeing skills, you can explore the various workshops, photography classes, and private lessons that are offered. Photography classes are available for entry-level and more advanced photographers. Located in central New Jersey, Arik is close to the Poconos, Delaware Water Gap, Bucks County, New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey shore, which provide ample photo opportunities. Photography workshops that require travel to other locations are also available.

Our photography training focuses on hands-on, creative and technical skill enhancement. The workshops are structured to meet the attendees’ objectives and improve their ability to enjoy photography and express themselves using this medium.  While ensuring that the attendees gain the appropriate technical knowledge, the workshops focus on the creative aspects.

Product/service offered

    • A day in the field workshops focused on one or more of the following
      • Working with Your Camera
      • Close Up Photography (Flowers, Insects, Abstracts)
      • Flash Photography
      • Photographing People
      • Street Photography
    • Digital Imaging for Photographers

The AGphotoworks Advantage

  • Instructors are very experienced in photography, art, teaching, and computer and photography-related technologies.
  • Extensive experience in coaching, not just training
  • Small class size with personal attention
  • Focus on the attendee’s ability to pre-visualize and execute, regardless of equipment or technical level
  • Instructors use digital equipment for teaching, demonstration of techniques, practice in class, and printing.
  • We provide handouts and reference materials.
  • We design the workshops with the desired outcome in mind to ensure that we meet the stated course objectives and deliver what we promised.

A Day in the Field

We offer group, pre-scheduled workshops, as well as personal training to enhance your technical and creative skills. Photography workshops are hands-on with attention to your individual needs. These workshops include topics, such as

        • Creative seeing (subject, detail, vantage point, framing, timing, DOF, light control)
        • Light – taking advantage and handling the limitations of available light; working with light modifiers; qualities of the front, side, back, soft, harsh, and multiple sources of light; light temperature and control in camera and post process; working with flash (main, fill, direct, bounced, modified)
        • Identifying the main subject and the supporting elements in the picture (composition, focus, and tones)

The benefits to the attendee include:

  • Ability to pre-visualize and create art
  • Ability to produce images that are interesting to others, composed well, and technically superior to earlier work
  • Enhanced digital imaging skills
  • Greater enjoyment of the overall creative process, from exploration to presenting the final images

Digital Imaging for Photographers

We offer personal, one-on-one workshops on image editing tools and the complete digital workflow. We use Photoshop as the main image editing too, but we can also assist with Photoshop Elements and ON1 Photo Raw.

The workshops focus on Photoshop for amateur photographers who want to use it to fix and enhance still photographs. We do not spend time on functionality that is used by commercial photographers and digital artists. In the class, we pay attention to the needs and objectives of each attendee. Workshop sessions are 90 minutes each. They can be conducted in person or remotely, using online video and desktop sharing tools.

The benefits to the attendee include:

  • Improved understanding of Photoshop functionality and the digital processing workflow.
  • Ability to use Photoshop effectively.

Custom Group/Individual Workshops

Private workshops for groups or individuals can
be arranged upon request. Custom workshops
are available for camera clubs and active adult groups. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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