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About Me

Arik Gorban

  • Photographer and photography instructor with focus on the creative aspects of the photographic art form.
  • Over 40 years experience in the complete photographic process including analog photography, darkroom work, and extensive digital imaging experience.
  • Experience in computer programming and the use of a wide range of software applications, including 15+ years of extensive use of Photoshop and other digital imaging applications.
  • Extensive background in photography and computer technology, art, and professional training on technical and art-related topics.
  • Attended workshops by the masters Monte Zucker, Joe McNally, and Dr. Yuan Li.
  • Work includes a large stock of fine art photography, various types of events, and being photography coach.
  • Travels extensively throughout the US and abroad.
  • Active judge of photo contests, photo critique, and exhibitor of fine art photography.
  • Recipient of numerous awards in photo contests.
  • Published in the US and internationally.

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